e-commerce 101 - Why Sell Online?

Why Sell Online?

The Internet is rapidly becoming an indispensable business tool, creating unprecedented opportunity for organizations of all sizes. At the same time, consumer Internet usage is growing dramatically around the world. A well-designed online store can help you create competitive advantage in the marketplace, develop loyal customers, and most importantly increase your bottom line. With all the advantages e-business offers, can you afford not to be online?

Be Everywhere Your Customers Are

Today's consumers are savvy and connected. They shop not only in traditional "brick and mortar" retail stores, but also at home on their computers, and even from the road using the latest wireless devices. Don't miss a single opportunity to make a sale, whether in your "real world" retail establishment or your online e-store.

All the Features You Need in Your Online Store

Your customers are experienced online shoppers, but you can make them feel as comfortable in your store as they are in all the well-known e-stores. StoreSense offers a full range of e-commerce functionality, beginning with entry-level catalog, shopping cart and real-time transaction processing and extending to high-end inventory management and sophisticated supply chain communication. You can build customized online catalogs, run special promotions, offer affiliate programs and frequent buyer clubs, cross-sell and up-sell products, perform detailed tracking of business metrics, and more.

Make Electronic Commerce an Integral Part of Your Business

StoreSense lets you present your best face to the outside world, but it also gives you unparalleled ability to manage the internal workings of your business. It works with the tools you already use, such as Excel and other common applications.

The Ideal E-Business Solution for QuickBooks?Users

If you're a QuickBooks user, you can continue to manage your business in the same way you always have. StoreSense is fully integrated with the QuickBooks family of accounting products*, allowing you to manage your accounting, customer and product information in a single, efficient and easy-to-use system. There's no need to enter data twice, saving you time and money.