e-commerce 101 - Marketing Your Store

Marketing Your Online Store

A well-designed web store can be one of your most powerful business tools, helping you create competitive advantage in the marketplace, develop loyal customers, and most importantly increase your bottom line. Contrary to popular belief, making the most of your online store does not require a large marketing expenditure or specialized expertise. With a little effort and even a modest budget, you can ensure that when your customers go looking for products and services, they find you waiting for them.

The Basics

First, recognize that success in the online world requires a total approach. Your web store is a critical component of your overall business, and a complementary channel that helps you reach customers in new ways. While it's not likely your web store will generate significant new customers or sales on its own, when integrated with your "offline" sales and marketing efforts, it becomes a very powerful tool.

Integrate Your Online and Offline Business

Place your new web address everywhere you have your corporate identity - your business cards, product brochures, receipts and invoices, in your e-mail signature, and even on your delivery trucks.

Register with online directories such as YellowPages.com or SuperPages.com. Make sure your employees know and tell customers about your new online store, too.

Remember, just because your customers shop in your retail store doesn't mean they won't also buy from you online. Giving them multiple purchase options improves customer satisfaction and loyalty - things no business can succeed without.