Features Benefits
Large storage and bigger file attachment size Up to 100Mb storage and 50Mb attachments. Sending, receiving and saving large attachments made easier for better productivity.
Redundant clustered server, monitored 24/7 Reduced downtime
IMAP, SMTP, and POP3 Mail access from anywhere, anytime for better mobility
Web-based administration screens Control and manage emails from anywhere
Real-time management for adding Provides convenient, cost-effective, and prompt email solution
Password-protected, secure admin access from any location Improved user support and admin productivity
SPAM filtering system Protects user email from costly wastes of bandwidth, virus invasions, and abusive material
Auto-responder for incoming mails Improved customer care
Group mail management including alias/forwarding/catch-up Improved productivity by saving time and effort
Anti-virus by FProt Email virus scan